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I'm Manish Rajani, currently a student at Ashoka University, Sonipat. My interests lie in a diverse amount of things, ranging from management consulting to music. I also like reading and watching anime.

Management Consultant & Musician.

Currently an undergraduate at Ashoka University, soon moving into management consulting.

  • Birthday: 30 March 2001
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  • City: Lucknow, India
  • Age: 21
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I'm currently someone who has been exploring a variety of career ventures and working in various different contexts. I'm currently someone who has experience with research and software development, yet an interest in strategy and growth.


Here's some of my experiences documented, amongst the other that are undocumented here. If you want a detailed list, reach out to me over email.


Manish Rajani

I am a highly driven individual with a knack for creativity, with an ability to think from different perspectives. I am looking for roles where I can utilize my problem solving skills while creating an impact.

  • Lucknow, India
  • +91 7275726879


Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research in Computer Science

2022 - Present

Ashoka University, Sonipat

Started here, going to pursue advanced studies in Computer Science while exploring the Performing Arts discipline.

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Computer Science

2019 - 2022

Ashoka University, Sonipat

  • President, Music Society
  • Founding Team Member and Head of Logistics, RedBrick Hacks (Ashoka's first inter-university hackathon)
  • Co-Head (future advisor), Computer Science Society
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Internship Experience

Artificial Intelligence Intern

Jan 2022 - Feb 2022


A college exclusive social-media app with 4000+ users, operating in BITS Pilani and Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Punjab

  • Analyzed 60 days of user behavior time-series data using Python to predict user action, generating personalized notifications for app users
  • Identified college friend groups by analyzing multiple in-app follower graphs with 2000+ nodes, leading to personalized friend recommendations

Research Intern

June 2021 - Aug 2021

Facebook CIPHER Lab

  • Conducted market research on finding different WhatsApp traceability implementation proposals.
  • Established a GitHub workflow for the project, worked on writing the API documentation using OpenAPI.
  • Developed a WhatsApp clone for Dr. Kamakoti's traceability proposal with a team of 4 members, worked on designing the user interface using HTML/CSS.


My response time is fairly good: do reach out to me in case you are interested in something I do and wish to talk more. You can also reach out to me for anything else.


Lucknow, India 226016


+91 7275726879

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